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Boran Software

Boran software is one of the leading software companies in Turkey. With more than 15 years of experience, we became trusted partners in IT sphere for many companies across the world.


We bring quality and performance!

Everything is possible when you believe in your success.


Software development

Software development for any platform and any complexity. Specific tasks and custom solutions for your business


Structuring and releasing

We provide full support to our customers in their projects, from idea planning to production


Achieving results

To achieve the best results, we strictly follow the plan throughout the entire software development cycle


Well Documented

we provide strict documentation for all of ours software development projects and 3rd party integrations


PLC and Hardware

Our company is engaged not only in the development of software, but also in setting up and running PLC systems of any complexity


Protection and security

We care about your security, therefore we offer our customers full support and advice regarding security, setting up security cameras, protecting your network and data

  • CarGObis software, designed for airport cargo terminals, will be your most reliable assistant to keep track of your operational processes.

    Click the link for detailed description of the software.

  • Boran Wise (International Freight and Logistics software) answer questions as keeping experiences of our Company and Technology on this sectori all requirements of Company that still in work The difference of Boran Wise to seperate from other Logistics softwares is ;To keep one of the entegrated accounting programme  “Boran One Touch” into database and reporting equipments belong to Company and must be designed this programme as much as simple for all users , has optional and flexible language of these programmes as we use and exhibit the highest performans as using all functions of Oracle database technology. 

    • Advanced inquiry criteria
    • Order copying
    • Defining the order and shipment numbers as desired by defining the problem

  • Our programs work integrated with 3rd party software. 

    • Integration into ETV systems (Lödige, CTI Systems etc)
    • Integration into financial systems (SAP, logo etc.)
    • Integration into E-Invoice and E-Archive systems

    We make all integrations according to the need.

Boran Automation Systems

We have started to offer the following services with our new initiative Boran Automation systems.

  •  Automation Systems with PLC
  •  HMI Systems
  •  Scada System
  •  Servo Engine and Servo Drivers
  •  Industrial Security Solutions
  •  RFID Technologies
  •  Board Assembly
  •  Electricity Project

Automation systems with PLC

General advantages of PLCs are as follows.

There is a protection system against almost all hazards.They occupy very little space according to their functions and abilities. Although the initial investment costs are high, it is a system that pays much more in the years to come.It is very fortunate.


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BoranWise Lojistik veya Antrepo yazılımlarımızla beraber kullanmış olduğunuz Finans programımızda "Banka Entegrasyon" modülü satışa sunulmuştur.
Çalışmış olduğunuz tüm bankaların hareketlerini hızlı bir şekilde sisteme aktarabileceksiniz.

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