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Boran Software

The software of International Freight and Warehouse

1.Boran Wise

  • System Module
  • Ocean Freight/Transportation
  • Air Freight/Transportation
  • Trucking Transportation
  • Railway Transportation
  • Shipping Agency
  • Good Tracking
  • Marketting

2.The software of Warehouse

3.The System of Finance Management

  • Pre Accounting
  • General Accounting

The softwares of CMR

  1. Auto CMR
  2. Data CMR and “Boran On Touch”. Our accounting software that  works integrated with current projects


  1. Oracle Database Sale
  2. Oracle Database Installation
  3. Oracle back up system
  4. Oracle performans Increase
  5. Oracle Recovery Progress
  6. The Installation of System and Network
  7. Functional Web Projects
  8. Linux Server Installation
  9. Linux Mail Server Installation

International Freight and Warehouse Softwares

Boran Wise(International Freight and Logistics software) answer questions as keeping experiences of our Company and Technology on this sectori all requirements of Company that still in work The difference of Boran Wise to seperate from other Logistics softwares is ;To keep one of the entegrated accounting programme  “Boran One Touch” into database and reporting equipments belong to Company and must be designed this programme as much as simple for all users , has optional and flexible language of these programmes as we use and exhibit the highest performans as using all functions of Oracle database technology. 

The talents of BoranWise :

  • Free additional of document
  • Making changes about design on document
  • Print out with the format (Pdf, JPG, Excel, Word etc..)
  • Free adding documents on automatic e-mail programme
  • Print out the whole documents and send via e-mail.
  • Creation of special self report by our reporting equipment
  • Free blank adding inside the Programme-Free using programme without any apart programme upon internet around the world
  • LOG screen as free to report changes upon informations and shows from which computer and when and by whom?
  • Archive documents as relating to which folder by scaning documents received from out-Archive documents as sent by e-mail or print out
  • Free adding reminder as notify or automatic inside the programme
  • Multiplayer screen working (free definition of company and customer at the same screen)
  • Keeping  user settings  as special to user.(lining up, visibility of blanks, colour and themes of the programme..etc.)
  • Workable upon Cloud System

The mutual Functions of Modules

  • Criterions of extended Questionary-Copy Folder-Free definition as defining design of position and folder numbers
  • Reset and increase automaticly of folder and position numbers
  • Free download of Installation
  • Creation of Invoice from all exchanges
  • The convertation of Invoices into 4 exchanges and display of it’s report
  • Free remaining of all invoices to accounting

Contact Info

Biruni Üniversitesi Teknokent,  Protokol Yolu No:45 10. Yıl Cd. 34010 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul

+90 212 211 11 69

[email protected]