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Boran OtoCRM

Boran Software

General features :

  • Advanced authorization,
  • Ability to add as many documents as desired,
  • To make changes regarding the designs of documents,
  • Ability to print documents in different formats (Pdf, JPG, Excel, Word etc.),
  • Adding documents to the e-mail program you use automatically,
  • Ability to print documents in bulk or send by e-mail,
  • Creating your own special reports with our reporting tool,
  • To add fields into the program,
  • To be able to use the program from anywhere in the world without any other intermediate programs,
  • All of the records; by whom, when, from which computer, LOG screen, which you can report until what information you change,
  • By scanning the documents received from the external environment (JPG, PDF) with the relevant file / load document archiving by associating,
  • Archiving documents that are printed or sent by e-mail
  • Adding notes and reminders automatically or manually from within the program,
  • Ability to work in multiple screens (open a new order and open another you can also define a company / customer on the screen),
  • Ability to store user settings individually (List of fields sorting, displaying the desired areas, color and theme of the program settings etc ..)

  • Advanced inquiry criteria,
  • Order copying,
  • Describing the order and shipment numbers as desired by making a pattern definition,
  • Automatic exchange download,
  • Automatic increase of order & shipment numbers in desired periods and resetting,
  • Creating invoices at all rates,
  • Conversion of all invoices created in 4 currencies and their representation in reports
  • Automatic transfer of all invoices to the accounting program,
  • eFatura taxpayer alerts and automatic eFatura integration  

   - Internal Shipping Screens:
  • Company Definitions
  • Vehicle & Driver Definitions
  • City Distance Definitions

   - Operation
  • Order, Shipment, Delivery Note & Invoice Processing
  • Digital Archiving
  • Vehicle Tracking
   - Marketing
  • Appointments
  • Interviews
  • Creating a Customer Price

   - Reports 
  • Customer Summary & Detail Report
  • Current Movement Report
  • Active Customer Report
  • Customer Profitability Report
  • Customer Report by Material Type
  • Migration Report by City
  • General Profit / Loss Report
  • Invoice Status Report

   -Web Integration
  • Customer Tracking
  • Creating an Order
  • Reporting

   -Agenda and Reminders:
  • In many screens, the information that the user should remember later is it can be added to the agenda on the screen, thus preventing important information from being forgotten.

Contact Info

Biruni Üniversitesi Teknokent,  Protokol Yolu No:45 10. Yıl Cd. 34010 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul

+90 212 211 11 69

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