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Aero Entertaiment System

Boran Software

With its modern design and user friendly interface it can be used by all age groups. Under all main menus (Movie, Music, Book, Game and Food) there is an advanced category arrangement, which gives the users easy access to content that suits their pleasure. E.g. under the Food Menu, you can order food or you can call the service personal for your different requests from the Management Panel you can easily manage the following:
  • Changes to the menu
  • Create and Authorize users
  • Add/Remove Categories
  • Create Food Menu
  • Add/Remove Movie, Music and Book

Contact Info

Biruni Üniversitesi Teknokent,  Protokol Yolu No:45 10. Yıl Cd. 34010 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul

+90 212 211 11 69

[email protected]